Introduction L02

Effective and Efficient Improvement


Research Fellow

University of Birmingham

Institute of Applied Health Research

In this lecture I'm going to first answer the question 'What is Quality'? I'll define Juran's little Q and big Q and discuss the different approaches to improving/managing Quality. I'll discuss the product/service specification/standard and its relevance to design, audit/inspection, and improvement. The importance of 'process' and 'process management' will be emphasised throughout.

  1. What is Quality?
  2. The relevance of the Service Specification
  3. The Service Design Process
  4. Service Audit and Inspection
  5. Improvement: QI vs CI
  6. Improvement Implementation
  7. Questions & Answers
  8. Group Exercise

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  7. CCG, Clinical Commissioning Group.
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  1. Handout 1
  2. Handout 2
  3. Handout 3