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Implementation Programme

The Busyfish® Enterprise Development Programme has been designed in three phases. The three phases are illustrated below and are titled:

  • The Learning Phase.
  • The Implementation Phase.
  • The Development Phase.

The phases have been constructed so that they can be introduced in stages to suit the enterprise's schedule of activities. For larger organisations each area of the business or each department can work to its own independent schedule.

To ensure that previous effort is not wasted it is important that all existing documentation and systems are integrated into the Busyfish® Enterprise Development Programme where appropriate.

The Busyfish® Enterprise Development Programme includes the documentation for all enterprise business processes and associated data management activities, and can be expanded to include the enterprise's product-specific processes.

The three phases of the Busyfish® Enterprise Development Programme

The nature of People, Culture and Infrastructure will be provided in more detailed later.

The last two illustrations, the GBPS Enterprise Model and the Work Environment, are combined to produce the Busyfish® Enterprise Model, which forms the framework for this work.

In the Busyfish® Enterprise Model, the work environment is represented by a vertical tube. Running through the tube are the business processes and product specific processes. Representing the enterprise in this way is intended to illustrate that work flow through the work environment should, like gravity, only be hindered by obsticals.

The fewer obsticals placed in the path of an enterprise process then the more efficient and effective the enterprise will be.

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