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The Busyfish® Enterprise Model

Welcome to the Busyfish® Enterprise Model. The model is easy to use. From any of the many diagrams there are links to relevant information. The information provided is of value to people studying or running enterprise.

The Busyfish® Enterprise Model was developed to improve our knowledge of how a small business works. The Model consists of some 500 diagrams. From each diagram additional information is provided via some 5000 popups. In total this provides a comprehensive insite into the structure and operation of a small business.

Users of the Model can readily find information in the specific area of small business operation that is of interest using the navigation scheme provided.

The Busyfish® Enterprise Model is suitable for use by people running or contemplating starting a small business, business consultants, training providers and students at all levels from NVQ1 to MBA.

The Busyfish® Enterprise Model is based around the set of 52 Business Processes derived by Dr Tom Rose. This generic set of Business Processes are suitable for all types of business from a charity shop to a high tech. dotcom. An additional 7 Business Processes are required when Software Development is included.

The word 'Busyfish' is derived from two words - Business and Efficiency, and is a registered trademark.


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